Voutiro - Karpenisi

The wider area of Euritania County is accessible, by road, all year long. The Municipality of Karpenissi is connected to all the large cities of Greece's Ipiros by a comfortable network of roads. For example, the area may be accessed: From Athens via the Athens-Lamia highway. Total distance 294 klm. From Lamia via the following locales: Lianokladi, Kastri, Makri, Makrakomi, Vitali, Ptelea, Neohoraki, Agios Georgios, Timphristos, Rahi Timphristou, Agios Nikolaos. Total distance 78 klm. From Thessaloniki via the Thessaloniki-Lamia highway.

Total distance 368 klm. From Agrinio via the following locales: Potamoula, Agios Vlassios, Karamaneika, Houni, Gefira Episkopis, West Frangista, East Frangista, Kalesmeno. Total distance 111 klm.

Naturally, it is possible to access the area by other routes. It is, however, advisable to avoid these during the winter season, particularly if travelling by conventional vehicles. Quite the opposite, these are recommended as excellent routes for 4X4 vehicles during the summer season. The number of public transport routes that connect the above mentioned cities with the wider area is also satisfactory. You can find detailed information on the County of Euritania K.T.E.L. Bus Route Chart.

The total length of the Municipality of Karpenissi's main road network is 126,5 klm. Of this, 26 klm is highway, 64,5 klm country roads and the remaining 36 klm parochial. Also, 88,5 klm of these are paved while the remaining 30 klm are dirt roads. 17 klm of the road network are not accessible during the winter months while another 20 klm exerience problems due to frost. It is emphasized that all passenger vehicles travelling in the area during the winter season be supplied with skid preventing chains.